Amazon Redshift Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise is an Advanced Amazon APN Technology Partner in data and database security.

Security is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the customer in the cloud: AWS manages the security of the cloud, and customers are responsible for managing security in the cloud. DataSunrise Security helps organizations to keep their data and databases secure in the cloud.

DataSunrise Security agent-less database protection and compliance software for Amazon Redshift protects the database against insider threats and hacker attacks. DataSunrise “understands” Redshift’s behavior and is capable of analyzing its traffic.

Amazon Redshift Database Security Key Benefits:

  • Support of all popular authentication methods
  • SSL-encrypted traffic proccessing
  • Detailed processing of prepared operations, cursors and portals
  • Data analysis of all query types, including multiple queries and specific replication queries
  • Converting all Amazon Redshift data types from binary to text format (including composite, range and enum types)
  • Full analysis and data collection on the COPY operations. Text and binary formats are supported
  • Traffic analysis considering asynchronous queries (Pipelining)
  • Processing of the DML/DDL operations in compliance with search paths, transactions, and administrator queries

About Amazon Redshift

Redshift is a cloud storage service from Inc. Its heart is Redshift, a corporate-class RDBMS based on modified PostgreSQL 8.0.2. Redshift is optimized for business intelligence purposes, which assumes processing of complex queries and big data volumes.

Redshift’s high performance is achieved through a combination of MPP technology with column-based storage and extensive use of data compression.

Redshift managing is very easy: it takes a couple of minutes to create a database cluster or to increase database volume via dedicated AWS console. Most routine administrative operations (monitoring, maintenance, backup and security) are performed automatically.

Redshift has integrated data security features, such as encryption, cluster isolation mechanisms and logging of all API calls, connection attempts, queries and cluster modifications. Automatic backup and cluster state control mechanisms are used to increase fail-resistance. Redshift supports ODBC and JDBC standards for compatibility with various clients.