Apache Cassandra Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Database Security Suite protects can protect Cassandra databases from inside and outside attacks. DataSunrise is a superior protection tool that can ensure total protection of Cassandra databases by analyzing all database traffic coming from different sources. The basic tools for database protection include Database Activity Monitoring, Database Firewall, Data Masking, Sensitive Data Discovery.

Apache Cassandra Database Security Key Benefits:

  • All main user authentication methods;
  • All main data types;
  • Analyzing and logging data of all operations, including replication queries and multi queries;
  • Processing of DML/DDL operations in compliance with user-defined rules.
  • Full Cassandra protocol support.
Cassandra server version: 3.10, 3.11.

About Apache Cassandra

Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed wide column store NoSQL database intended for processing a large amount of data across multiple servers. This ensures high availability with no single point of failure. The database was developed by two former Face book employees and is distributed under Apache License.

Cassandra databases have the following features:

  • High Availability: Cassandra supports multiple master model and the loss of a single node doesn’t have any effect of on the ability of the cluster to take writes. Cassandra ensures 100% of uptime;
  • Write Scalability: Cassandra using it’s multiple master model can use any server to take writes. In the result the write scalability is limited only by servers available in the cluster. It means that if you have more servers, your scalability is better;
  • Ease of use: being a NoSQL database Cassandra still uses CQL query language as a primary interface. This query language is very similar to SQL but with several limitations (no join support, no OR clauses). So, many SQL coders won’t have much difficulty using Cassandra.