Google Cloud SQL Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Security is a Google Cloud Technology, Launcher and Orbitera Test Drive partner. DataSunrise Security Suite for Google Cloud SQL provides the following features: Data Masking, Database Firewall, Database Audit, and Sensitive Data Discovery.

Security is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the customer in the cloud: Google Cloud manages the security of the cloud, and customers are responsible for managing security in the cloud. DataSunrise Security helps organizations to keep their data and databases secure in the cloud.

To secure Google Cloud SQL for MySQL and Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL databases against hacker attacks and accidental data leaks, DataSunrise analyzes traffic generated by various PostgreSQL and MySQL functions.
DataSunrise Database Security agent-less database protection and compliance for Google Cloud SQL is available on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace and Google Orbitera Test Drive.

Google Cloud SQL Database Security Key Benefits:

  • TLS and SSL encrypted traffic processing;
  • Processing of multiresultsets;
  • All main user authentication methods;
  • Multi-statements and prepared statements processing;
  • User-defined and system variables tracking;
  • LOAD DATA and LOAD XML operations processing;
  • Binary to text format convertation.
MySQL 5.0+, PostgreSQL 9.6

About Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL is a web-based service that enables you to deploy, maintain and manage MySQL, PostgreSQL databases on Google Cloud Platform.

It is developed to simplify and maximally secure managing of relational databases in the cloud by providing scalability, high performance, and convenience. Google Cloud SQL offers the ability to scale up to 200GB of RAM, 32 processor cores and 10TB of storage capacity.

Google Cloud SQL has a set of integrated features to maintain database security:

  • Automated backups;
  • High-availability, automatic failover;
  • Cloud SQL Proxy for securing external connections;
  • Support for the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol;
  • All customer data encrypted;