Greenplum Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Security Suite for Greenplum databases. Analyzes all the traffic generated by a variety of database functions. DataSunrise supports technologies used by Greenplum. Below are some of the features supported:

Greenplum Database Security Key Benefits:

  • Support of user authentication protocols: Kerberos, MD5, SSPI,GSSAPI, RADIUS, SHA256, Trust.
  • SSL-encrypted traffic processing.
  • DML/DDL operations processing in compliance with search paths, transactions and administrator queries.
  • Analysing and of data of all types of queries, including specific replications queries and multiple queries.
  • Prepared cursors, operations, and portals processing.
  • Tracking of COPY operations. Support of binary and text formats.
  • Conversion of all Greenplum data types, including range, composite, and enum types, from binary format to text.
  • Support of non-standard data types created with DOMAIN and TYPE.
Greenplum version 4.2+.

About Greenplum

Greenplum Database CE is a free DBMS specially developed for data warehouses. Greenplum is based on PostgreSQL with some changes made due to industry-specific requirements.

Greenplum is developed primarily for analytical processing of big data — its architecture is optimized for massive parallel processing (MPP) that enables Greenplum to complete tasks typical for commercial-grade analytical databases, such as sorting, aggregation, merging of large tables etc. Greenplum’s advanced query optimizer is specially developed for data processing at a petabyte scale without the hit on performance. Among other Greenplum benefits are low barrier to entry, high speed of data uploading and high level of commonality.