Apache Hive Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Security Suite for Apache Hive secures and protects your Hive-underlying database from hackers and malicious insiders. DataSunrise is fully compatible with Hive and is capable to analyze the traffic generated by various database functions. Here are some of the supported features:

Apache Hive Database Security Key Benefits:

  • NOSASL and SASL authentication.
  • Processing of SSL-encrypted traffic.
  • Analyzing and storing data of all query types, including specific replications queries and multiple queries.
  • Pipelining.
Apache Hive 1.0-2.3

About Apache Hive

Hive is a database management system based on Hadoop. Essentially, Hadoop is used to store heterogeneous data on multiple clusters and Hive serves as a sort of converter which transforms user queries to MapReduce tasks for Hadoop.

Hive is used by data analysts to query, aggregate, explore and analyze big data. Hive was developed by Facebook corporation in 2007 and was handed over to Apache Software Foundation a year later.

Hive includes the following components: Parser for parsing incoming SQL queries, Optimizer to optimize queries, Planner for planning tasks and Executor to execute MapReduce tasks.