Vertica Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Security Suite for Vertica secures and protects Vertica database from hackers and malicious insiders. DataSunrise is fully compatible with Vertica, because it understands the database behavior and is able to analyze the traffic generated by various database functions.

DataSunrise provides a multifunctional solution for Vertica security, which includes database firewall, audit and monitoring, dynamic & static data masking, sensitive data discovery.

Our product represents our vision of what Vertica security system should be, reliable and simple. Advanced SQL analysis algorithms help to detect SQL injections, unauthorized access attempts and other malicious queries. Implemented as a proxy between users and databases DataSunrise filtrates inbound and outbound traffic according to configured Vertica security policies.

Vertica Database Security Key Benefits:

  • All user authentication methods: Kerberos, GSSAPI, SSPI, MD5, SHA256, RADIUS, Trust.
  • Processing of SSL-encrypted traffic.
  • Analyzing and storing data of all query types, including specific replications queries and multiple queries.
  • Mapping Active Directory users to database users.
Vertica 7.0-9.0

About Vertica

Vertica is a column-oriented database management system mostly used for real-time Big data analytics.

Vertica runs on Linux-based commodity enterprise servers combined into clusters. Vertica uses extended ANSI SQL-99 interface to work with analytic queries. The Vertica platform can be integrated with data cleaning and reporting mechanisms and is compatible with most third-party analytics solutions. The product can be integrated with Hadoop to use MapReduce to access to Vertica’s data.