Microsoft Azure SQL Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

DataSunrise Database Security for Microsoft SQL Azure is designed to manage various database security procedures, such as protection against SQL injections, unauthorized access, sensitive data discovery, database activity monitoring and audit.

Security is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and the customer in the cloud: Azure manages the security of the cloud, and customers are responsible for managing security in the cloud. DataSunrise Security helps organizations to keep their data and databases secure in the cloud.

Supporting the most proprietary technologies of Microsoft utilized in this RDBMS, agent-less DataSunrise maintains full compatibility, agent-less database protection and compliance for MS SQL Azure Database.

Consider DataSunrise Data & Database Security to secure and enforce database and data compliance AzureSQL or Azure PostgreSQL or Azure MySQL when moving to Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Security Key Benefits:

  • TDS Proxy
  • SMP + TDS Proxy (MARS support)
  • SSL over TDS or SMP + TDS proxy
  • Analysis, masking and blocking of SQLBatch
  • Analysis, masking and blocking of RPCBatch
  • Pipelining (asynchronous queries analysis)
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About Microsoft Azure SQL

Azure SQL Database is a Microsoft’s cloud database infrastructure that contains tools for database backup, high availability, reliability, and data protection. Columnstore indexes are aimed at analytic analysis and reporting, in-memory OLTP is used for transactional processing. SQL Azure Federation is provided for dynamic, easy and effective scalability.

The Azure cloud computing platform supports non-Microsoft technologies as well, such as Python, NoSQL, Java, node.js, PHP, Hadoop. Data synchronization and migration of SQL Server-stored data are provided via free service called SQL Data Sync. Data migration between SQL Server instances is also available via the Microsoft Sync Framework, T-SQL scripting, the bcp utility, the SQL Database Migration Wizard or other existing instruments.