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IBM DB2 Security with DataSunrise

DataSunrise IBM DB2 Security software is designed to ensure database protection against internal and external threats and prevent access of unauthorized users to sensitive and regulated information. It blocks forbidden or potentially dangerous requests, protecting data from security breaches, data leaks and any type of harmful user behavior.

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IBM DB2 being one of the best relational databases on the market is still susceptible to various inside and outside threats. DataSunrise IBM DB2 Security Suite is a data-centric multifunctional security solution that protects databases in real time. It is a perfect defense against a wide range of threats, vulnerabilities and other security risks. DataSunrise IBM DB2 Security Suite also helps companies to address regulatory compliance challenges.

DataSunrise filters traffic on application level analyzing incoming and outcoming paсkets for compliance with pre-defined security rules. In case an SQL query triggers a security rule, DataSunrise Security Suite blocks the transaction, disconnects the user that executed the query and informs DBA about suspicious activity.

Comprehensive security for relational database management systems require implementing additional tools for activity monitoring and protection from unauthorized access and SQL injections. DataSunrise provides a user-friendly unified solution containing all required features.

IBM DB2 Database Security

Continuous scanning of traffic along with accurate threat detection mechanisms allows database administrators to effectively capture and block SQL injections in real time. SQL injection techniques recognized and stopped by DataSunrise Security Suite, include union and boolean-based exploitaion, automated exploitation and others.


DataSunrise helps organizations to build an effective DB2 security system through security, audit and masking rules. The rules are based on parameters, which include multiple attributes, such as attributes of the target database, client application information, contents and attributes of the query, and so on.


DataSunrise IBM DB2 Security Suite runs on Windows, Linux and supports IBM DB2 version 8+.