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MS SQL Server Security tools by DataSunrise

MS SQL Server security solution by DataSunrise is designed to build a secure perimeter around the MS SQL Server databases providing various tools to stand against hacker attacks and insider threats all integrated into one solution. It blocks dangerous traffic according to the pre-set privacy and security rules. The functionality of DataSunrise Database Security Suite includes dynamic and static data masking, database activity monitoring, database firewall and sensitive data discovery. Try a one-month-free trial or contact us to get a demo.

Tech info

MsSQL security tool by DataSunrise provides high-level MsSQL Server security. It is designed to protect the databases against external and internal threats. DataSunrise Database Security continuously monitors MS SQL Server Databases and blocks SQL queries from the blacklist of attack signatures and queries that match security rules configured by security managers or DBAs.

DataSunrise Database MsSQL Security Suite is designed to minimize the effort on building a comprehensive corporate security system. It can be configured via graphical interface or command line interface. Privacy rules can be configured for particular types of transactions. To receive notifications when a certain rule is triggered, add an SNMP or SNTP subscriber. Notifications of suspicious activity help to timely respond to the attack attempts and prevent a data breach. Automatic generation of reports save a lot of time for DBAs and security managers.

An insider attack still remains one of the most dangerous security threats. DataSunrise Database MsSQL Security tracks every change in security policy including rule settings changes, adding/editing/deleting database users, unsuccessful login attempts, privilege assignment and other system events. Audit storage can be configured to external databases where malicious users can’t deteriorate them. You can also integrate DataSunrise Security Suite for MS SQL Server with SIEM systems and get real-time analysis of MsSQL security issues.

MS SQL Server Database Security

Database firewall includes filtering according to common attack signatures, blocking specified DML and DLL transactions (or groups of transactions), blocking/allowing of certain database elements for specified groups of database users, filtering specified application queries, blocking of queries containing SQL injection signs (UNION and OR statements, keyword in comments, comments, constant expression, double quotes).

There is an opportunity to store DataSunrise MsSQL Security settings in a remote database making it highly-available in case the server where the initial firewall is installed is down. Automatic failover mechanism is valuable when dealing with a targeted attack.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite for MS SQL Server is a reliable multi-functional solution designed to maintain MsSQL security in real time. Contact us to arrange a demo or try for free.