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SAP HANA Database Security

The SAP HANA Security tool from DataSunrise is a special tool that protects corporate databases from any external and internal threats. It is designed to detect and immediately stop any user’s unwanted or unauthorized actions. The Security rules are highly flexible and customizable. Your data is protected from SQL injections and data mishandling. With DataSunrise Database Security Suite SAP HANA databases are protected in real time.

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SAP HANA Security from DataSunrise is a special tool aimed at protecting databases containing sensitive information. This security tool is equally effective for both on-premises and in the cloud data storage. Using DataSunrise you can be sure to protect your sensitive data from external attacks, malicious insiders and the potential threat of user negligence. National and international sensitive data protection regulations make a condition of using security tools for compliance.

SAP HANA Security could be deployed in two modes, Sniffer and Proxy. If deployed in the Proxy mode all queries to the database go solely through DataSunrise. From that moment on it will be playing the role of all database-related traffic inspector. That is, DataSunrise will be protecting your databases, logging all events and blocking queries not meeting the security rules requirements.

To make things easier for our customers, DataSunrise has developed a self-learning mechanism that will analyze all SQL queries and make a whitelist of requests common to your work environment. These queries will be considered safe and approved by DataSunrise. SAP HANA Security is built around security Rules. How all the database queries are treated depends on them. These Rules are highly adjustable and can be configured to meet any, even a most specific, requirements of our customers, ensuring total safety of your SAP HANA databases. If a database query doesn’t meet preset security requirements, it’s blocked. You can set SAP HANA Security to protect a certain database, table or schema.

SAP HANA Database Security

DataSunrise Security for SAP HANA databases has the following advantages:

  • Proccessing and tracking of a wide range of DDL and DML transaction.
  • High-availability. Automatic failover in case one of the servers is down.
  • Compatibility with SIEM systems.
  • Functioning as an authentication proxy. There is a possibility to configure user mapping for Active Directory users with the support of the Kerberos protocol.
  • Remore storage of logs.
  • Scalable security rules for filtering SQL transactions according to the application, database user, attack signatures, signs of SQL injection.

SAP HANA Security from DataSunrise protects from any types of SQL injections, access rights violation and helps to keep your data safe. DataSunrise Database Protection Suite runs on Linux, Unix, and Windows and supports all SAP HANA versions.