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Teradata Security with DataSunrise

Implement Teradata security appliances by DataSunrise for protection against SQL injections, privilege abuse, unauthorized access and unmanaged sensitive data. Try for free a reliable multifunctional solution for Teradata security. Features include data audit, database firewall, data discovery and masking.

Tech info

Teradata security tools by DataSunrise protects against the following risks.

SQL injection attacks

Successful exploitation of an SQL injection vulnerability grants an attacker unrestricted access to the entire database. DataSunrise database firewall allows you to detect SQL injection attempts and block the nefarious query before it reaches the database. It also notifies the DBAs about attack attempts.

Excessive privileges and legitimate privilege abuse

Users may abuse their legitimate database privileges for malicious purposes. DataSunrise is a tool for access management. Use security and masking rules to determine which users are allowed to see certain information. Moreover, DataSunrise constantly monitors the database traffic and logs all the SQL queries and the results of their execution. Logs cannot be deleted by users, as they are stored in external databases. Audit logs help to investigate cyber security incidents and provide forensic evidence.

Unmanaged sensitive data

Personally identifiable and commercially classified information has to be treated with extra care. Sensitive data discovery feature scans the databases and detects various types of confidential data. After detection, you can apply security, audit and masking rules for selected columns that contain sensitive information.

Teradata Database Security

High-availability is designed to mitigate the risks of failover. It allows several firewalls installed on different servers share the same dictionary. Syslog protocol support is also a valuable step in building a comprehensive Teradata security system. It enables an integration with SIEM systems for real-time analysis of security threats.

Rather than the majority of vendors of Teradata security appliances, we provide all mentioned features in one solution for an affordable price. That includes We also assist in compliance with GBLA, HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS requirements.

Teradata security solution by DataSunrise supports Teradata versions 13, 14, 15. Runs on Windows and Linux.