Teradata Database Security & Data Security by DataSunrise

Teradata security by DataSunrise Security Suite. To protect Teradata, database firewall analyzes the traffic. We took a lot of effort to learn network protocol and behavior of this database. DataSunrise supports the following technologies used in Teradata:

Teradata Database Security Key Benefits:

  • Processing DCL, TCL, DML and DDL operations
  • SSL-encrypted traffic processing
  • Analyzing and logging data of all operations, including replication queries and multi queries
  • Processing of all fast input/output operations (MultiLoad/Fastload/TPump/FastExport/Teradata Parallel Transporter)
  • Detailed analysis of prepared operations, cursors and portals
  • Asynchronous queries analysis (Pipelining)
  • Authentication methods: TD2 (DH + AES + SHA). Ldap and Kerberos will be supported soon.
  • Analysis of all data types including UDT (user-defined type)
Teradata versions 13, 14, 15, 16

About Teradata

Teradata Database is a parallel relational database management system developed by Teradata corporation. This database is used mostly for storage and analysis of Big data.

Teradata Database’s MPP architecture is based on AMP nodes used for data storage and processing. To balance the load between AMPs special instruments are used (Teradata Manager, DBSConsole and Teradata Administrator).

Teradata supports automated data distribution, hybrid storage (both rows and columns) and processing of structured and unstructured data in the same database. Concurrent queries of various types are supported as well as automated compression of rarely-used data. Built-in memory optimization algorithms are used to increase performance and throughput.

Teradata features scalability, high performance and easy maintenance. Teradata supports ANSI SQL standard and ODBC, JDBC, CLI interfaces for interaction with client applications.