About DataSunrise

DataSunrise secures your Database, keeps your Data safe! DataSunrise offers homogeneous database security experience in heterogeneous databases environments.

DataSunrise is an innovative Database & Data Security and Compliance software company. DataSunrise is on the mission to secure customer data in the cloud or on premises and address emerging cybersecurity challenges in modern economy.
Our company was founded by a talented team with a strong background in enterprise security, data protection and database management systems.

When organizations and enterprises are facing greater regulatory pressures to identify and secure customer information, DataSunrise is at the most valuable, delicate and sophisticated place in the chain of security vendors. The hardest part of the equation is in identifying and securing sensitive data. DataSunrise is at exactly the right place with its ultimate database security software.

Who We Are

Ultimate database security is not optional!

Our company’s mission is to help organizations and enterprises to ensure Data Compliance and achieve Data & Database Security, in the Cloud and on-Premises.

DataSunrise is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner certified on Security competency in Data Protection and Encryption along with other AWS validated qualifications.

DataSunrise solves the compliance challenges for organizations that fight against information security threats. We are convinced that the best data security software has to be user-friendly and easy-to-use. At the same time DataSunrise software provides reliable protection for customer data and helps comply with regulations.

DataSunrise, Inc. is a private corporation with headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

DataSunrise team is passionate about our customers’ data security, whether it’s a large enterprise or a small business. DataSunrise data-centric security solution protects databases against both external and internal threats. DataSunrise implements real-time traffic and event monitoring, data masking, the sensitive data discovery, assets, risks and deep SQL queries analysis. Couple this with easy implementation and multiple deployment options, intuitive user interface and extreme performance and autoscale and you will see why the entire team is proud of the results we deliver.